Psychotherapy for Adults

“To lose balance sometimes for love 
is part of living a balanced life” ​(Elizabeth Gilbert)

Sometimes in life we lose balance for love and for other reasons. Loosing balance may not be easy, but it is a necessary step towards a more fulfilling life, a more grounded identity, more rewarding work, and more loving relationships. It is through encountering challenges that we learn who we are and what we are capable of.  Often times, our balance is disturbed from past hurts and wounds that resurface for whatever reason. At times, the reason for our struggle is clear, such as in the case of loss or a significant life change. Other times, one needs to explore further to find what caused the storm within. Dr. Portela utilizes diverse therapy approaches to help clients find their balance again and learn how to dance gracefully when their balance is gone (for example, psychodymanic therapy, EMDR, sandplay, dream work, sex therapy). She works towards strengthening clients' loving connections with others and keeping their hearts open, even in the face of adversity.

areas of expertise

The following are some of Dr. Portela's areas of expertise: * Trauma: helping clients feel better, manage their symptoms, and heal from the traumatic experience(s). * Anxiety: helping clients who experience overwhelming anxiety learn stress management and coping techniques. * Depression: helping clients who experience depression find hope and live healthly again. * Relationships: working to help clients find and keep healthy, loving, sexual, reciprocal, adult relationships. * Parenting: helping parents enhance and implement a specific disciplined and caring approach to meet their child’s emotional and behavioral needs.

Dr. Portela's office is located at:

6512 Six Forks Rd, suite 403B Raleigh NC 27615 By Appointment Only. 

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