Essential Oils

Our brain develops in a sequential way from the bottom up. The Brainstem (bottom of the brain) connects our sensory and motor systems to the rest of our body. Because of this, in order to help our brain (and soul) develop and heal, it is important to have a sensory rich environment.


For this reason, Dr. Portela utilizes essential oils in her practice. A client may notice a nice smell in her office (because she diffuses essential oils in the air) or she may create a client specific "potion" to help train the client's brain about a certain regulatory state (for example, that can be incorporated with some breathing techniques in times of anxiety and help trigger the brain into a calm state). 


Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in plants. They are very powerful and can have health benefits. Clients often want to start their own essential oil collection to use more liberally in their homes. It is easy to find essential oils to buy. However, many essential oil brands are not pure or use synthetic components. For this reason, Dr. Portela only uses DoTerra brand in her practice. 

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