Dr. Portela has been teaching, mentoring and training new counselors and seasoned mental health practitioners since 2004. She has taught numerous courses, including Child and Adolescent Counseling, Human Sexualityand Marriage and Family Systems. She currently teaches Play Therapy courses at North Carolina Central University. Dr. Portela also has also extensively presented in national and international conferences.

Trainings Offered

The following are some of the topics Dr. Portela has offered trainings on:

- Play therapy with grieving children and youth

- The basics of play therapy
- Healing trauma with Sandplay® therapy
- Connecting with our first language using Sandplay® and play therapy
- Play therapy across the lifespan
- Building a successful private practice
- Overview of human sexuality
- Aspects of sexuality that all clinicians need to understand
- Eating disorder and the Latina population
- Understanding and incorporating religion and spiritual traditions in therapy with Latinos
- Counseling immigrants
- Multicultural supervision

Upcoming Trainings

Treating Developmental Trauma and Affect Dysregulation

presented by 

Heloisa Portela, Ph.D., LPCS, NCC, ACS, RPT-S &
Karen Wheeler, LCSW, RPT-S, CST-T
Co-sponsored by The Bair Foundation
August 01, 2015 – 9AM – 5PM
For Information, call: 910-232-5615

Dr. Portela's office is located at:

6512 Six Forks Rd, suite 403B Raleigh NC 27615 By Appointment Only. 

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